Mike Jelks

By A Sense of Home July 2, 2015 16:59

I don’t need Easy. All I need is possible.

That is what working for A Sense of Home has shown me. It’s been nothing short of a blessing in every regard, a true blessing.

It’s been an amazing experience, while at the same time a very challenging one. It’s been amazing working with foster youth, whom I consider my peers and family. It feels great to give back and work with a cause that is so close to home for me. Working for people who are so passionate about life, community and creating homes for people has been an inspiring feat to witness.

The workload is a lot, but these qualities above make it worth it. I never worked a job like this in my life. It has challenged me and has pushed me to reach higher as a young man with dreams. I no longer see life as all problems. When I’m in a tough spot, I see challenges, because challenges are there to overcome and to help you grow. So when I say challenging, I mean it’s a job that pushes you to be the best person you can be while requiring you to wear multiple hats. It’s a job of character and diligence. It’s caused me to stretch my personality and work ethic in ways that I could never have imagined.

Working for A Sense Of Home saved me from unemployment. I was out of a job for over a year and just could not get a job anywhere. I was waiting for the right thing to come my way. I’d known Barry for a couple years and had met Georgie and Melissa when they did the home of my best friend, Danielle Martin. All the while I had no idea what they were building.

It was like Magic how everything clicked: Within the first two weeks I knew that it was what I had been waiting for this whole year. As a foster youth you really don’t receive many opportunities to advance in life unless you really really fight for it. ASOH allowed me to keep faith in my dreams and helped to understand my worth by showing my financial goals are possible.

It has been an extraordinary experience and I’m finally happy that I could grow within a great company, a machine that is dedicated to the elevation of those who have been put down their whole life. I am so grateful for ASOH and am dedicated to helping it reach its full potential as it has helped me understand mine. This hard work is paying off every time I see a youth’s face who is utterly surprised by her new apartment makeover.

ASOH of has been an addition to my faith that says, “I don’t need easy. All I need is possible.”

By A Sense of Home July 2, 2015 16:59

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