Sashauna Divine

By Alex Gross September 12, 2016 11:15

Sashauna Divine

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Before meeting the A Sense Of Home community I was very quiet, more so shut off from the world. Surviving to make sure that my siblings were taken care of while struggling to find exactly who Sashauna was.

Since emancipating at 18 I had custody of my siblings, nieces, taken in other family members and friends trying to fulfill the void of not having “functional” FAMILY support. I wanted to be the one to save every one, that was all I was used to but I wasn’t taking care of myself.

I met A Sense of Home while I had custody of my 15 Year old sister, and was in the process of gaining custody of my 5 year old niece in my 1 bedroom apt. ASOH was able to transform my home to accommodate a baby girl, a teenager and myself with extra beds a working refrigerator and an amazing layout anyone would be happy to call home. I was also connected to an amazing support system who guided me in finding my voice within my family as well as helping relief some of the pressures of taking care of so many on a part time job.

Fast forward a few months within volunteering, keeping connections within the ASOH network and so many amazing opportunities began to open up!
I had the chance to work with Burberry International on the biggest event they’ve ever created in the US the ‘London in Los Angeles Fashion Show’. During my time with Burberry I began to get in touch with my passions for empowerment, event planning, design, and even found fashion quite interesting!
From Burberry I gained experience in event design with Georgie Smith Home working alongside of Georgie in her personal business/ passion. Georgie helped me with exerting my voice, exercising my gifts, and building a strong work ethic.

A transformation so great that I began showing up more in life! My work ethic showed in my giving back at the home creation every Sunday which sparked the interest of the Development Manager a GO Campaign a nonprofit that serves children around the world and right here with youth at ASOH. An interest so great that I was hired at GO to assist the team with their star studded Gala and later hired me on permanently! Through the hard work and dedication of that positon I felt so empowered to flourish in the organization but more importantly in myself!

Today I carry a full time position with GO Campaign and a part time position with with my sense of family, my sense of love, my sense of home- A Sense Of Home.
I hold the title of Marketing and Design Assistant, I am learning and growing everyday breaking through ‘cant’s’ and not good enough.

So much appreciation for ASOH I am working towards a better me every day while empowering foster youth and other aged out youth to overcome statistics, be the best versions of themselves, to be open, and take a chance.
I’ve started to live!

By Alex Gross September 12, 2016 11:15
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