A Sense of Home is Proud to Partner with Snap Inc. and other corporations in Team Building

Many corporations sponsor home creations where they gain a one of a kind corporate team building experience. Whether it is once a year or once a month. One corporate partner, Snap Inc— sends between two and four teams each and every month. At 11am a team arrives to create a sense of home for an aged-out foster youth and depart by 1pm. Not only does the team change a life by creating a home for a deserving youth, their corporate team is transformed by the experience. It’s an opportunity to witness the best in one another while seeing how much a team can achieve together, in such a short period.


Please contact us if you and your colleagues would like to enjoy the ASOH team building experience and sponsor a home.

Your Investment & Impact

The youth achieves a sustainable tenancy, gains dignity, self-worth & a foundation from which they can thrive.

Corporate Team Building - A Sense of Home