We Create

We Create

A Sense of Home (ASOH) creates first ever homes for former foster youth who “age out” of the foster care system having never been adopted. ASOH’s village of volunteers comes in and supplies everything to create a home. Recipients pay it forward, working alongside a community of volunteers and an all former foster youth staff to create the homes. ASOH began in Los Angeles and ready to replicate in other regions.








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A Sense of Home Leaders


A Sense of Home is led by the recipients of the program. Watch this video created by the ASOH leaders capturing exactly why ASOH is needed and how they are being the change that they seek in this world.

Georgie Smith


IN 2016 A Sense of Home was honored as a top 10 CNN Hero.

A Sense of Home


Harry Connick Jr celebrates the success of A Sense of Home and goes live to a home a creation.

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Ways to Create a Sense of Home

Here are some fun ideas how to collect donation items for Sence of Home:

  • Host  a paint and sip party and have each guest bring a piece of art and donate the art they create for an “art kit”
  • Host a slumber party and have each guest bring an item for the bedroom kit
  • Host a dinner party and have everyone bing one item for the cooking kit or dinner kit
  • Host  a bridal shower and have everyone bring an item for the bathroom
  • Host a kids birthday party have guests bring an item for the kids play area kit or kids kit
  • Gather your community at church or school and make cleaning kits
  • Do a furniture or home goods drive at school or neighborhood & the ASOH truck will collect from you.

You can also just click and order a partial or entire room on Amazon and ship to ASOH 22673 S. Wilmington Ave, Carson CA 90745. Here is our Amazon Wilshlist


Full List of Needs for Each Home


6x knife, fork & spoon set, utensil drawer holder, wash cloths, napkins, place mats, 4x platters, 4x salad or fruit bowls, 4x glass mixing bowls, 6x dinner & salad plates 6x cereal bowls, 6x drinking glasses, 6x coffee cups

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utensil set (tongs, whisk, spatula, ladle, turner, wooden spoon, pasta fork), utensil holder, salad servers, scissors, peeler/parmesan shaver, can opener, small cutting knife, mid size cutting knife, bread knife, 2x cutting board, baking dish, 2x pots, 2x pans, strainer, 6x mason jars, set of tupperware

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queen size linens including fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter & comforter cover, 4x pillows, 4x pillow cases, 2x euro pillows, 2x euro shams, 3x throw pillows & bed skirt, throw blanket, 4x plain curtain panels, area rug

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3x trays, 2x buddhas, objet d’art (i.e. shells, sculptures or bowls), 2x candle holders/lanterns, 2x candles, 10x varying sized vases, fake flowers, 4x throw pillows to match 4x plain panel curtains, 4x coffee table books, area rug

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2x bath mats, shower curtain & hooks, 3x bath towels, 4x hand towels, 4x wash cloths, waste paper basket, soap holder, soap, tooth brush holder, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner

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Bed frames (with new mattresses), small dining/kitchen table, dining chairs, sofas , love seats, ottomans, side tables, coffee table, media cabinet, console, small book shelf, bedside tables, dresser, crib, baby changing tables & table & floor lamps

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16 pieces of art including 6 pieces that work together in living room, 6 pieces that work together in bedroom, 2 pieces that work together in kitchen, 2 pieces that work together in bathroom

windex, multi surface wipes, bathroom cleaner, chlorine wipes, gloves, paper towels, dish washing soap, washing sponge, broom, dustpan & brush, Swiffer sweeper wet kit, swifter sweeper wipes, magic eraser, trash can, trash bags

twin size linens including fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter, comforter cover, 2 pillows, 2x pillow cases & bed skirt, 2x throw pillows, throw blanket, 4x plain curtain panels, area rug, play table, 2x chairs, books, stuffed toys, games, clothes, 7x pieces of art, area rug

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fridge, fan, heater, microwave, toaster oven, blender, TV, laptop/ iPad

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