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How to Sponsor a Home During the Pandemic

Continuing to create homes during the pandemic, ASOH has transitioned to Warehouse Home Creations. From décor to room staging, the entire process is completed from the safety of our warehouse. This team-building experience honors social distancing and packs all of the love, human kindness and results that ASOH is known to deliver. The cost of sponsorship is still $6,000 and is called a Virtual Home Sponsorship.

The Warehouse Home Creation is perfect for families, small companies, high school clubs, and is a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary!


Create a Home, Change a Life

Have a big milestone coming up? Celebrate it by creating a home. Whether it is a birthday, in memoriam, a wedding shower, or a corporate team building experience — it is win-win-win experience for all involved. Not only does it afford a “home” and an immeasurable amount of love and hope to the recipient, but a life changing experience for all involved, while off-setting the cost of the home creation for ASOH.

Sponsor a home with a $6,000 donation.

Email home@asenseofhome.org to sponsor a home now.


Bring Joy to Many Homes

In lieu of making a $6k donation, a great option to sponsor a home creation and participate with your team of volunteers, is to gather numerous kits to go into many homes. This option allows volunteers to create kits for the bathroom, or kitchen, and help create multiple new homes while affording your team the chance to enjoy the team building experience of creating a home.

Sponsor 25 decor kits, 25 bedroom kits, 25 kitchen kits or 60 bathroom kits that will contribute to numerous homes.

Email home@asenseofhome.org to sponsor a home now.

Your Investment & Impact

The youth achieves a sustainable tenancy, gains dignity, self-worth & a foundation from which they can thrive.

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