From a Random Act of Kindness to


From a Random Act of Kindness to


Continuing to Create Homes During the Pandemic

Our team is working to help former foster youth worst affected by COVID-19. ASOH has transitioned to creating Warehouse Home Creations to fully furnish homes for deserving recipients.

Please help us continue to empower former foster youth and their families by donating today.










Art by Pierce Brosnan in Support of A Sense of Home

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Thanks to the ASOH community, more than 1,775 former foster youth and their children are in more than 700 fully-furnished homes and are truly safer at home today.


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A Sense of Home is being Celebrated on UN Day 2021

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Explore items available for bidding at A Sense of Home’s exclusive online auction, including a VIP Heitz Cellars Napa Valley Experience package! All proceeds will go towards creating homes for aged out foster youth.

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A dining table is a simple symbol for family togetherness👵👴👩👨👧👦👶, home-cooked meals, and conversation starters🗣. They offer a comfortable place to enjoy meals🍉🍊🍏 play board games🕹, drink coffee☕, and encourage students to complete their schoolwork assignments📖📚📑, knowing that by doing this they are becoming a better version of themselves. Dining tables are a MUST-HAVE for every home!

We proudly serve former foster youths who have aged out of the foster care system by providing them donated home goods, furniture, resources, and LOVE❤. Through your support, care, and love we create 3-5 functioning homes each week - allowing us to install over 250 items into each home that is created! This week we are in great need of home decorations and small kitchen appliances. Home decorations uplift empty spaces and areas in homes! Small kitchen appliances - such as blenders, toaster ovens, microwaves, and so much more - encourage individuals to provide quick and delicious home-cooked meals! These items give former foster youths the dignity and integrity they deserve! Please help us🙏 and donate your gently used items (link in bio to fill out our donation form) or go to our Amazon Wishlist (link in bio) and purchase and directly ship to the ASOH warehouse at 3457 W. El Segundo Blvd. Unit A. Hawthorne, CA 90250.

Thank you community for always believing in our mission🙌, for always sharing your tender compassion with others, and for helping us create a better tomorrow for us ALL to live in!

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ASOH is honored 🙏 to be celebrated by the United Nations and their LA chapter on this year’s UN day. It also commemorates the 700th home created by ASOH👏🙌👏! From our humble beginnings as a random act of kindness to forming a 501c3 in March of 2016 to continuing our work during the pandemic and being able to create 700 amazing homes🏡✨.

We exist because of you🤗. Thank you community for filling our warehouse, homes, and hearts with love❤. We are in this together and we go further together. My goodness, we need to be reminded of that now more than ever! During these challenging times, you continue to give us strength and we trust that we provide you inspiration for what is possible💙❤. #keephopealive

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All the hearts that went into creating today’s home for Stephanie. Each volunteer wears their name tag heart around their neck and once the home is created we give to the recipient. We snapped this pic as Stephanie wore all the hearts around her neck telling us that in the countdown to today’s home creation (for her) she watched every single video ASOH had ever captured and conveyed her profound thanks not only for her home for her and her 4 kids but for every home ever created and for every single volunteer who ever participated and for every donor of furniture and funds. It was a deeply profound moment. The top heart is the name of Michelle… who paid it forward today. Her home was created just before the pandemic ❤️. Her 6 year old daughter also volunteered today and gave all of these hearts to Stephanie. A beautiful video of Stephanie is seen in our last post. In these incredibly challenging times … this conversation as Stephanie clutched all of these hearts… priceless. It gives you us strength to keep moving forward 🙏🙌❤️ #hope #lovejar #giving #gratitude #community #grace #kindness #heartscreatehomes #openheart ...

We are sending our love and hearts ♥️ to all who experienced immense suffering and loss as a consequence of 9-11.

Our work at ASOH, beyond our mission, is a symbol of collective loving action by the community. We hope and trust we serve as a beacon of hope 🙏 and light ⭐️ in the darkest hours. We hope we inspire change👐. The kind of change that is led by love, kindness, the best of humanity, empathy, understanding and optimism for a brighter future for ✨ALL✨. We stand in solidarity with all who recognize this day — as a day of service and we thank all who make our work possible because of their generous hours of heart-felt service🤗. We honor and respect that we are all connected as one🌎🤝🌍🤝🌏.

We hope and pray for a more enlightened, kinder, and peaceful tomorrow❤️🙏❤️🙏.

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We have a great challenge for you🙌! If you are interested in your child getting involved or want to encourage them to do meaningful work in their community, then "From One Kid to Another" is a great way to get started😃! "From One Kid to Another" creates an abundance of happiness, smiles😁 , joy, fun🙃🤡, and delight for ASOH's beneficiaries and their children.

Just follow these simple steps🤗:
1. Select a beautiful toy box
2. Fill the beautiful toy box with either new or gently used kid's clothes 👚 👗 👖 that are suitable for a child's age range, gender, and/or gender-neutral
3. Fill the beautiful toy box with either new or gently used kid's shoes👟 👟 ( ideal for the age range you selected)
4. Include awesome kid's books 📚 ( ideal for the age range you selected)
5. Include F - U - N toys ⚽ 🏀🤖 👾
6. We encourage your child to write a loving and meaningful note💌 (please add your social handle so we can tag you!)

This is a great🙌 and powerful💪 way to fulfill a great need! PLEASE take action now!

Thank you community for supporting ASOH. We couldn't do this without you!❤️

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Due to the Delta surge, the gala will now be held in the spring of 2022.

Want to buy tickets for the ASOH 2022 Gala❤️? Sign-up and be the first to purchase tickets🙌 🙌 !

To sign up, go to the home page of the ASOH website (link in bio)!

This video is a beautiful reminder of the ✨magical✨, sold-out inaugural gala in 2019. We can't wait to make the ASOH 2022 Gala even better.

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"From One Kid to Another" creates smiles, joy😄, fun, and delight for ASOH's beneficiaries and their children! On Saturday we gave a box "From One Kid to Another" to a young girl who would have otherwise started her school without shoes. Have a look at this happy face😍 😊!

And now we have a challenge for you🤗! Are you looking to get your kids involved and do meaningful work in their community? Curate a toy/storage box with beautiful clothes👗 👚 that are ideal with several pairs of shoes👟 , along with children's books📚 , and toys that are perfect for a young person of a certain age range and gender (or both). This is a great and powerful way to fulfill a great need🙌! Simply collect donations of items from your school or community and bundle the fabulous kid's items (such as clothes, shoes, books, toys, and school supplies) into custom, generous baskets for kids of a specific age range. Your kids then write a beautiful note "From One Kid to Another". We would love for you to add your social handle so we can tag you😃!

We only have a few boxes left of these loving, beautiful boxes. PLEASE🙏 take action now. This is an incredible way to change lives❤️.

Thank you community! We couldn't create smiles and happiness without you!

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On Saturday we installed the last of our cribs in a home for young Mom Landren who with two young ones will soon graduated college. She and the family will manifest their dreams and achieve their goals thanks to the foundation of beds, cribs, a car seat, stroller, a dining table, sofa, dressers, and entire home and clothing for all.

These young Moms we serve are sheroes. We are now installing up to 10 cribs and 10 toddler beds every month in homes. They are breaking the cycle of these children going into foster care as well as breaking the cycle of generational poverty. These young Moms have overcome against all odds. 85% of those we serve are young women. 50% have small children. We are now completely out of cribs, crib mattresses and toddler beds.

Please help us keep up the with sky rocketing demand and please donate your items on our website (link in bio) or go to our Amazon Wishlist — link in bio — and purchase and directly ship to the ASOH warehouse at 3457 W. El Segundo Blvd. Unit A. Hawthorne CA 90250 . Thank you community. We couldn’t do this without you !! #cribs #needed #communitylove #sharing #heals #bethechange #donations #changebydesign #belovedinhouse #babiesroom #sheroes #momssupportingmoms #kindness #fosteryouth

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