From a Random Act of Kindness to


From a Random Act of Kindness to


Continuing to Create Homes During the Pandemic

Our team is working to help former foster youth worst affected by COVID-19. ASOH has transitioned to creating Warehouse Home Creations to fully furnish homes for deserving recipients.

Please help us continue to empower former foster youth and their families by donating today.










Art by Pierce Brosnan in Support of A Sense of Home

A Sense of Home is honored that artist Pierce Brosnan has created his first-ever, hand-signed, limited-edition silkscreen print ‘Earplugs’ – and a portion of proceeds will go to ASOH.


Thanks to the ASOH community, more than 1,500 former foster youth and their children are in more than 600 fully-furnished homes and are truly safer at home today.


FOX 11 LA: LA girl goes from foster care to fashion model.


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In 2016 A Sense of Home’s Founder Georgie Smith was honored as a top 10 CNN Hero.

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Explore items available for bidding at A Sense of Home’s exclusive online auction, including a VIP Heitz Cellars Napa Valley Experience package! All proceeds will go towards creating homes for aged out foster youth.

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Natasha is a young mother who is in working very hard in school, pursuing a career in business management, while also working a full time job. We were blessed to be able to work with Natasha and @natashacroxall @croxava @irenamedavoy @mychellecharters1 @cherylsaban @lysaheslov @redbarris in creating her home in January. Weeks after her home creation, Natasha reached out to us and sent the inspiring, beautiful poem in the graphic above. It is such a creative and wonderful piece on its own. And yet it also exquisitely captures the ASOH mission with such depth, heart and meaning. ❤️

We at A Sense of Home strive to make each and every home creation as unique and as special as the recipient. It is an opportunity and a blessing for the recipient to know that they have a whole community here to support them and to see the love of community in every single item in their home. And be reminded of that every day that they matter, are valued, seen, heard and understood. That they are a part of us all. It is an opportunity to celebrate their many achievements, talents and skills. ✨

Think of ASOH as virtual community center, linking the broader community to youth aging out of foster care. Thank you Natasha, for sharing your kind words with us - we can’t wait to see what your future holds!🌅

Thank you to the community who have so generously supported Natasha @irenamedavoy
@natashacroxall @croxava
@mychellecharters1 @cherylsaban @lysaheslov

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. “ - Anne Frank

We’d love you to join us volunteering at our warehouse in Hawthorne (near @spacex ). We have opportunities on Mondays and Fridays 9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm. Work in teams of 2 (from the same household). Maximum of 6 people at anyone time . Outside in 3 bays in teams of 2. Practicing the strictest safety guidelines. Start this Friday!! Email to get started ... or link in bio. Thank you community of love #heartscreatehomes #build #volunteering #homesweethome #fosteryouth #warehouse #hawthorne ...

We are SO excited to create a home for Sandra today!!! As you can see / hear Sandra is working and studying with the goal of being a nurse as she feels it’s the best way for her to serve others! Sandra has been existing with just a blow-up mattress! We will share with you around 12noon what happens when Sandra sees all that we have for her!! YES 🙌♥️ Here is to spreading loving kindness and joy 🤩 🥰❤️🙏 #bethechange #lovethyneighbor #fosteryouth #needhome #newbeginnings #communitylove #hope ...

We are so grateful for all of the homes that Kelly has made possible this year thanks to her generous and exquisite furniture donations! Thank you for your long term commitment and heartfelt munificence ❤️🙌! Today it was for Alexys who is studying full time and working full time and will graduate her Psychology Degree in 1 year and then do a second degree to also become a Physical Therapist. Alexys’ new home today will enable Alexys to heal others. Thank you Kelly for creating the ripple effect of healing and love! With Alexys today is her sister Felicia whose home was created 2 years ago and is now going to Columbia Law! Thank you community of love ❤️ #rippleeffect #actsofservice #kindness #bethechange #kellywearstler #designinspiration #fosteryouth #homeiswheretheheartis #humanity ...

Happy Valentines to all the beautiful people amplifying love. May you all receive much love today. #happyvalentinesday #happyvibes #agapelove ...

Today we learnt from Felicia that she got into Columbia Law School !!! We are sending Felicia our loving congratulations, adoration and respect. We are here to support you as you continue on your remarkable journey. This is Felicia after her home was created in the summer of 2019. Felicia is one of the best examples of why ASOH exists.💫

We first met Felicia in ASOH’s earliest days. It was in 2015 when we she was moving into off campus accommodation near USC where she was studying for her Bachelor’s Degree majoring in American Studies & Ethnicity. Felicia secured a room in a large house and had no furniture. We created a sense of home for her by providing a full and fabulous bedroom with a cosy bed, desk, large wardrobe and all the essentials. Felicia volunteered from that day on, paying-it-forward with ASOH as often as she could. She has not stopped referring young women to ASOH. And in few weeks we create a home for her sister Alexys. We are SO excited !!❤️

Upon graduating, Felicia took a job serving aged-out foster youth with an agency in San Diego. During her tenure there, Felicia earned a Fulbright Scholarship in Mexico City. She then return to the US and did a summer internship in the Bay Area. She then moved to LA to take a job at the National Center of Youth Law as a Program Associate and began preparing for her law entrance exams. That was back in 2019 when we created her beautiful home. We have stayed closely connected with Felicia ever since we first met her. Her desire to become a lawyer is so that she advocate for youth in the juvenile justice system and foster care. She wants to help shape with policy to create criminal justice reform and foster care reform. She seeks justice, equality and peace for all. 💪

You can read more about Felicia in this article ⬅️

According to the Neuroscience Institute students & employees are greatly more productive & able to process information better when living in an organized, functional home. And environmental psychology has proven we create more exalted goals for ourself when we live in an environment that inspire us.


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