From a Random Act of Kindness to


From a Random Act of Kindness to


A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first-ever homes for youth aging out of foster care with donated furniture and home goods. 50% of those struggling with homelessness are former foster youth. The homeless crisis can only end through prevention.










Home of the

Long-time ASOH volunteers kick off 2024 with a Home Creation for Ariyuanna.

Support a college student by ensuring their dorm room feels & functions like home

You can make a $1,000 donation here or
create a dorm-room kit with help of your friends.

Sponsor a Home Creation On-site

  • Sponsoring the creation of a home in the individual or family’s apartment
  • Location is typically in the South Central area
  • $8k donation
  • Up to 15 volunteers (depends on the size of the home)
  • You will receive details of the individual or family you are creating a home for
  • Feel free to bring anything your heart desires, for example — welcome home gift baskets
  • Videos and photos provided
  • Only available if/when the daily Los Angeles COVID caseload drops below 500 cases/day
  • ASOH provides all items for the home including refreshments and lunch for you and your family
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Sponsor a Virtual Home

  • A virtual home sponsorship has been popular way to participate during the pandemic
  • $8,000 donation
  • A video of the home creation is dedicated to the sponsor and often the sponsor chooses to dedicate the home (to staff or clients)
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Wishlist Shopping Online

  • You may want to share with your community & colleagues the ASOH wishlist
  • This is updated weekly to reflect the items ASOH is in most need of to install all 250+ items in the every home that we create.
  • For example if you click on our wishlist you will notice that we are in great need of crib mattresses and decor.
  • Your colleagues could shop online for this list, or you might choose to do a decor drive at your company — where everyone brings in decor to the office on a specified date and then you deliver all of the decor donations to the ASOH warehouse on a Tuesday.
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From One Kid to Another

Are you ready to change a child's life?

  • Take a look at your possessions. What don’t you really need?
  • If you are an 8-year-old, and you have out grown your amazing 7-year-old clothes — Please collect and prepare them for a child who needs these right now.
  • Neatly fold all of your favorite 7-year-old clothes and place it in one of your largest organizer boxes.
  • Then add shoes, socks, schools supplies, books, toys and games.
  • Write a note especially for the 7-year-old who is going to receive these items.
  • Create a label for the outside of the box and label “7-year-old”. Then tell all your friends to do the same!!
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Volunteer at the ASOH Warehouse in Hawthorne

  • Schedule 2 hour or 4 hour volunteer activities
  • Tuesdays through Saturdays 9:00am - 4:00pm
  • Individuals and/or small groups of volunteers
  • Create custom kits for homes
  • Build furniture
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Donate Furniture & Homewares

With every new beginning, comes the opportunity to donate furniture & homewares. We thank you for thinking of A Sense of Home for your donations.

  • It is important to note that we only accept undamaged items.
  • Donors are asked to have all items delivered by their movers or companies, such as Lugg or Dolly.
  • Deliveries are made to the ASOH warehouse: 3457 W. El Segundo Blvd. Unit A. Hawthorne CA 90250.
  • All donation deliveries must be scheduled.
  • Go to for more information and to complete your donation form.
  • Upload photos of all furniture items to ensure the size will work within the small spaces in which we create homes.
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Love Library – Book Drive

We welcome and thank you for undertaking a book drive to inspire and help enhance education for the amazing young people we serve.

  • We install a Love Library in each home both for kids and for the young adults we serve.
  • To participate in the book drive, you can collect donated books or purchases.
  • Go to for our suggested reading list and where you can purchase.
  • We ask that you ship your “Love Library” packages to the ASOH warehouse: 3457 W. El Segundo Blvd. Unit A. Hawthorne CA 90250.
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Creating your own Fundraising Campaign

  • Raise $8,000 to sponsor a home creation on site
  • Go to
  • Your team gets to create the home, or make it a virtual home creation and you will receive a video and dedicate it to a loved one or a group of individuals.
  • On-site home creations occur when daily LA COVID caseloads are lower than 500/day.
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Create Welcome Home Kits

  • Prepare welcome home baskets and kits for ASOH recipients.
  • The kits and baskets are designed to serve a specific function or to make a specific room functional.
  • For example, cooking kits ensure a fully functional kitchen and yummy cooking.
  • Go to for a full list of each kit.
  • Watch this video to get inspired
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Latest Press

Michelle Rodriguez Recalls Being ‘Ripped Away’ from Mom and Placed in Foster Care at 6 at the A Sense of Home 2022 Gala.

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Create Your Own Fundraising Campaign

Rally your community and friends in innovative ways to ensure A Sense of Home can keep up with increasing demands for home creations in Los Angeles, and help ASOH open in cities across the country.

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Explore items available for bidding at A Sense of Home’s exclusive online auction, including a VIP Heitz Cellars Napa Valley Experience package! All proceeds will go towards creating homes for aged out foster youth.

Homes Created
Youths in Bed
Volunteer Hours
Donated Items Installed

In 2019, Titiana underwent open-heart surgery and has received weekly dialysis treatments ever since. At 39 years old she is raising four children on her own and has recently moved her family into their first apartment! 🏠❤️

Titiana learned about #asenseofhome through her sister Javiera, who received her own #HomeCreation in 2022, she was shocked to learn about the services #ASOH provides to people of all ages impacted by the foster care system.

We are so happy that Titiana found ASOH and that our wonderful #volunteers were able to create such a beautiful space that Titianna and her children can enjoy as a family. 💕🫶

Welcome home Titiana and family!

#fosteryouth #fostercare #homelessnessprevention #interiordesign #homemakeover #giveback #donate

A huge thank you to @CCSWG for awarding #asenseofhome with the 2023 Women’s Recovery Response Grant! 🥳⁠

This grant further enables #ASOH to provide women and their families, who have been impacted by the foster care system, with critical support to fully furnish, maintain, and thrive in their homes. connection to wraparound services including ongoing mentorship, gainful employment, therapy and wellness services, parenting skills, and support to achieve their academic and career goals. 💞⁠

Thank you for continuing to #InvestInUs! Women in California face significant challenges when exiting the foster care system, but we can change that if our leaders continue to #InvestInUs. ⁠

#WomenAreEssential #asenseofhome

#ASOH’s new Executive Director, Rachel Stich is a part of the Los Angeles TAY Housing Action Team, which just had its official launch yesterday! 👏

Working together with funders, service providers, housing developers and advocates, this team will be focused on making policy changes to ensure that every young person who exits the foster care system in LA County has a place to call home. 🏠❤️


After aging out of the foster care system, Enrique struggled to maintain housing and fell into homelessness. At age 26, he no longer qualified for many #TransitionalAgedYouth services and struggled to find the help he needed. Despite the many challenges he faced, he never gave up and kept working towards finding a permanent home of his own. 🙌

This past weekend, the #asenseofhome team along with our longtime supporters @rachelzoe,@rbermanus, @therealreginalouise, and #ASOH Pay-it-Forward Alumni had the pleasure of welcoming Enrique into his very first apartment and turning it into a warm and loving home where he can relax and recharge.🏠❤️

We are so proud of everything Enrique has accomplished on his own. He now works as a Resource Navigator connecting other #FormerFosterYouth to resources and services - sharing his inspirational story, love and positivity with those he serves.

Congratulations Enrique, We can’t wait to see you Pay-it-Forward!💕

#fosteryouth #giveback #interiordesign #HomeCreation

We are honored, inspired and humbled to be placing this deeply moving book in each home we create. "Think You’ll Be Happy: Moving Through Grief with Grit, Grace, and Gratitude“ is the title of this new powerful memoir and it is also EXACTLY the attitude of the young people we serve. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to place this source of energy, power and hope in each home.

Think You’ll Be Happy is available in stores 10/17 and can be preordered now … anywhere that books are sold!

“A raw and courageous look into how she found the light in her darkest moment. She reminds us that grief is different for everyone, and we have the power to move through it in our own unique way.” —Cleo Wade, New York Times Bestselling Author.

Ambassador Nicole Avant was literally ASOH’s very first donor who made ALL of this possible. We are profoundly grateful for the innumerable ways in which Ambassador Nicole contributes to the very positive energy that makes ASOH possible… and … grow .

During the month of October, @bettolinokitchen will be hosting a donation drive in support of #asenseofhome! 🥳👏⁠

Drop off our most frequently needed kitchen items at #BettolinoKitchen to support former foster youth moving into their first-ever homes and receive a complimentary dessert 🍰 - it’s a win-win-win! ❤️❤️❤️⁠

We are so grateful for Bettolino’s support and commitment to expanding access to basic kitchen essentials for those impacted by the foster care system. 🍽️🍳🥢🥣🧂⁠

Click the LINK IN BIO to learn more!⁠

#donate #donationdrive #kitchessentials #homelessnessprevention #giveback #fosteryouth

Sep 18th - 24th is National Recycle Awareness Week! ♻️💚⁠

At #asenseofhome, we envision a world where furniture and appliances are never sent to landfills but always given a second life. 🛋️🪑🛏️🖼️🍽️⁠

On average #ASOH saves 82 TONS of used furniture and home goods annually from going into our landfills! ⁠

Do your part to help reduce waste by donating your gently used furniture and home items to ASOH. CLICK THE LINK IN BIO TO LEARN HOW. ♻️💚♻️💚⁠

#NationalRecycleAwarnessWeek #NRAW #Sustainability #ReuseRecycle #Recycle #Donate

Thank you @casper for your unwavering support of #asenseofhome since the very beginning! ❤️🫶

Beds are by far the number one requested item we receive from those we serve. Before receiving a #HomeCreation, many youths resort to sleeping on the floor, on blankets, or on an air mattress.

As the costs for home essentials continue to rise, beds are becoming harder to secure, especially for those moving into their first-ever homes with little to no support.

We are grateful to have partners like #casper that we can depend on to help us move former foster youth off of the floor and into safe, comfortable, warm beds of their own. 🛏️🥰

#partners #grateful #giveback #ASOH

Thank you to our amazing sponsor group, @lp197forever for giving Renicia and JJ a sense of peace, a sense of community, and #asenseofhome they never had before! 🥰

We had a blast partnering with #LegacyGroup 197 to create a home for Renicia and JJ. This #HomeCreation marks the start of a new chapter for Renicia, one in which she now has the foundation she needed to achieve all of her dreams. ❤️

Welcome home Renicia!🏠💕🫶

#asenseofhome #ASOH #formerfostertyouth #homelessnessprevention #volunteer #giveback

Volunteering with #asenseofhome during a #HomeCreation is an experience like no other. You become a part of something larger than yourself - an #ASOH community and
chosen family for young adults who have aged out of the foster care system. 🥰

In only 90 minutes we completely transform the empty spaces in which our recipients were living, into a fully furnished home that is cozy, bright, and personalized just for them. 🛏️💕🛋️

The spirit of a Home Creation is one of pure love, joy, and gratitude. 🫶❤️

How would you describe the spirit of a HomeCreation? Let us know in the comments below!

#fosteryouth #preventhomelessness #volunteer #givebac #actsofkindness

Thank you @adetailedlife for sponsoring Kameron’s #HomeCreation!! 🏠❤️ The love and thoughtfulness your team put into every detail of Kameron’s home is evident everywhere you look - from the meticulously organized shelves and drawers, to the fully stocked kitchen!

We are #grateful to have partners like #adetailedlife who understands the practical and functional needs of our recipients who have never had homes of their own before.

Congratulations Kameron, hope you enjoy making wonderful memories with your family and friends in your first-ever home! 🫶💕

#asenseofhome #asoh #fosteryouth #homelessnessprevention #grateful #giveback #organization #homedecor #interiordesign

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