Thank you for thinking of A Sense of Home for your generous furniture & home goods donations.

We deeply appreciate your generosity, time and commitment to donate to ASOH.

Some important things to know about our current process:

  1. Donors are asked to bring their generous donations to our warehouse in Hawthorne by appointment on Tuesdays or have companies such as Lugg and Dolly to do so. We know, it is a lot of effort and we thank you for helping us.
  2. We require photos of your items so that we can advise which of your beautiful items we have the ability to accept. The photos are super helpful to our process and we thank you in advance.

If you do have the wherewithal, to donate, we sincerely thank you for the profound impact that your items will have.

These raw testimonies capture the impact of a stranger’s love. Thank you for the love you are sharing.

Click here to see the full list of 250+ household goods installed in homes, allowing ASOH to create a custom-tailored home environment designed specifically to align with each recipient’s taste and style.

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