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Thank you for thinking of A Sense of Home for your generous furniture & home goods donations.

We collect donations on Tuesdays & Wednesdays within a 35 mile radius of Carson, CA. Please select how you would like to donate.

At the end of this form we will ask you to please upload photos of your items. Once you submit this form we will email you to coordinate collection.

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    At the end of this form, we ask that you please upload photos of your items. Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will email you to coordinate a collection date.
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    Queen linens of 1x fitted sheet, 1x flat sheet, 1x comforter & 1x comforter cover, 4x pillow cases, 2x Euro shams, 4x pillows, 2x Euro pillows, 3x throw pillows, 1x throw blanket,1x bed skirt, 4x plain curtain panels, 1x area rug
    Twin linens of fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter & comforter cover, 2 pillow cases, 2 pillows, 2x throw pillows, throw blanket, bed skirt, 4x plain curtain panels, 1x area rug
    6x knives, 6x fork & 6x spoon set, utensil drawer organizer, wash cloths, napkins & place mats, 4x platters, 4x salad or fruit bowls, 4x glass bowls for mixing, 6x dinner plates, 6x salad plates, 6x cereal bowls, 6x drinking glasses, 6x coffee cups
    Utensil set (tongs, whisk, spatula, ladle, turner, wooden spoon, pasta fork), utensil holder, salad servers, scissors, vegetable peeler/hard cheese grater, can opener, small paring knife, mid-size carving knife, bread knife, baking dish, 2x pots, 2x pans, 2x cutting boards, 1x strainer, 6x mason jars, set of plastic storage containers with lids, oven mitts
    2x lamps, 3x trays, 2x objet d’art (such as shells, sculptures or bowls), 2x candle holders/lanterns & 2x candles, 10 vases of varying sizes, artificial flowers, 4x throw pillows to match, 4x plain panel curtains, 4x coffee table books, 1x area rug
    6 pieces that work together in the living room, 6 pieces that work together in the bedroom, room, 2 pieces for the kitchen, 2 pieces for the bathroom
    Bath mat, shower curtain (w/ hooks), 3x towels, 4x hand towels, 4x wash cloths, waste paper basket, soap holder, soap, tooth brush holder, tooth brush & tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner
    Glass cleaner, multi-surface wipes, bathroom cleaner, chlorine wipes, gloves, paper towels, dish washing soap, washing sponge, broom, dustpan & brush, Swiffer mop, Swiffer wipes, Magic Eraser, trash bags, trash can
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