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I never imagined I would be head of house of a 2 bedroom home at age 23. Faith and hard work pays off. The journey getting to this point was nowhere easy but worth it. I am honored to have met beautiful human beings who are serious in influencing people’s lives. Thank you @asenseofhomeorg for bringing your love and joy to this home. Thank you for loving foster youth so much and becoming the community bridge of healing through your actions. When I look back at my college experience, I will always remember the impact you had on me and my son. Thank you for blessing my home.


I can not thank you all enough for such a wonderful experience and a new found sense of home. I am overly pleased and satisfied with the aid and gifts I was given. A Sense of Home filed my transition into graduate school with kindness, support, warmth and a beautiful place to call home. Now that I know what it is like to be given a sense of home I am more than motivated to be a part of creating beautiful homes alongside wonderful people in the near future.

Kyndra McDanielBSW
lisa & brian

My husband Brian and I had the opportunity to volunteer with A Sense Of Home on our one-year wedding anniversary. Instead of the traditional dinner for two, I wanted to get outside of ourselves and connect with our community by doing something meaningful. We could not have chosen a better way to celebrate love! We met an incredible group of twenty or so volunteers and spent two hours in mass chaos- unloading furniture, cleaning shelves, and hanging picture frames. Somehow it all magically came together and we had so much fun in the process. It was like having an instant family and together we created a beautiful living space for a deserving young woman. I will always remember our time with ASOH and the joy it filled my heart. Thank you for letting us spend our anniversary with you! With Love.

Lisa & BrianVolunteers

I cannot tell you how many mutual friends and colleagues have been singing your praises to me over the last few months! What I (can tell you) is the tremendous difference you have made in the lives of so many of our kids. When I first met Jesse, he was homeless. When I last saw him, he shared pictures of his GORGEOUS apartment that you decorated for him. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your inspiration.

Carol ChodroffDirector, Los Angeles Opportunity Youth Collaborative

Working for A Sense Of Home has been one of the most significant experiences of my entire life. It has given me the opportunity to reach for my dreams. It’s given me the confidence to believe in everything I wish to obtain for myself. Working with ASOH has challenged me to be better. At everything. Working at ASOH has helped me to believe that my dreams are obtainable.

Michael JelksASOH Resource Coordinator

My experience with ASOH was great. If it wasn’t for this wonderful program I and my three kids would still be sleeping on an air mattress and eating on the floor. I feel truly blessed that I was able to receive the help from ASOH and all the wonderful people that came to help create my house into a home for me and especially for my babies. Thank you so much for all the help.

Velmabeneficiary of ASOH

Today was unlike anything I’ve done before. It was so truly moving and inspiring (and so much fun!!) and I cannot wait to help build another home with all of you! I never imagined how incredibly exciting this experience would be. Alain was the most amazing, sweet, kind hearted man.  I can’t wait to make more homes and to work with so many more foster youth! 

Noah KennedyVolunteer

I feel renewed by what I witnessed on Sunday. The generosity, positive energy, and warmth of A Sense of Home provided us all with another reminder of why we do the work we do: to provide support to our youth. I’m honored and thankful for your philanthropy.

Thomas LeeHillsides Youth Moving On

Just a note to say thank you so much for what you and your organization do for our youth. If it weren’t for you guys our young adults would be sitting in empty apartments. Thank you for giving them a sense of home and a great start to independence.

Tony ZuanyDirectorHathaway-Sycamore

We thrive because of you. All we’ve known is constant rejection. Rejection from family, friends, people who say that they want to help but they don’t, people who claim that they care but never show it. We are all ever so grateful that you came into our lives!

Melaniebeneficiary of ASOH
marc niklas

Have you ever or do you suffer from Depression? I found one the the best ways for me to overcome mine (yes, I suffer from it, and I mean suffer) is to stop thinking it’s all about me and reach out and help others. To stop looking inward and start looking outward, at the beautiful world and the beautiful people in it. A Sense of Home has helped me see that giving back is the best cure for depression. To see people gather together to help someone they never met and give them a helping and is one of the most uplifting feelings in the world. You can have that feeling as well this weekend. Go to the website and volunteer. Together we can make a difference in four young peoples’ lives this weekend. And it doesn’t end there. This is a movement! A positive one.

Mark NiklasVolunteer

I am pleased and honored to be of service to such a beautiful organization. A Sense of Home provides an elaborate décor to the most deserving young people in the world. I could not think of better pair than Georgie Smith, and the foster youth community. Every time I volunteer, or refer over a young person I leave with a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation, for the young people who are such humble benefactors. As a volunteer you are inspired to continue to serve. Congratulations, on a continued job well done.

Shawntae HinesCareer Placement CoordinatorCoalition for Responsible Community Development

A Sense Of Home represents, for me, the power of the individual, or in this case, individuals. Georgie and Melissa started out responding to one young man’s request for assistance-and then they responded again…and again. As a result, they have build a network of volunteers and donation streams which is now A Sense Of Home. A simple idea, really, but so profound in action. It fulfills the need of both the recipient and volunteer: it fosters paying forward the good fortune, kindness and support received, in a very personal, hands on way.

“A home is not a mere transient shelter: its essence lies in its permanence, in its capacity of accretion and solidification, in its quality of representing, in all its detail, the personalities of the people who live in it.” H.L. Mencken — Journalist, cultural critic and scholar

“The organization is dynamic and evolving as one-time recipients become future volunteers. With each new home, the level of commitment grows, and what was once a grassroots effort, has become a full blown community of families. I am honored to play a small part.

Jeanette WhiteVolunteer

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