Where Are They Now?

Find out where our ASOH recipients are today and learn how your support has helped to transform the lives of these former foster youth – who have gone from simply surviving to thriving.


In early 2019 ASOH created Julisa’s home, where she inspired us by saying that what she most loved about the home creations was “having this raw, authentic, human experience — where we are connecting with one another’s soul. It’s just beautiful.”

A single mother, Julisa has now graduated from her LVN nursing program, and will go on to become an RN and earn her bachelors degree. Congratulations Julisa! We are so honored to know you. Not only is Julisa an amazing mother, auntie, and sister, but also such an immense support to her former foster youth peers, while serving the broader community as a nurse. Thank you for all the many occasions that you have paid it forward!

Shero of the week ~ Julisa xoxoxo


We created a home for Chy in 2018. She said to pronounce her name “Shy” so we would understand just how shy she is. She was very soft spoken and told us that she had been suffering from anxiety and that someone had recommended modeling to overcome her fear of being noticed. So ASOH recommended a modeling agency owner as a mentor for Chy. The mentor quickly took Chy under her wing and ensured she secured empowering work. Chy is now a very successful model and is writing a children’s book. After a scholarship to a media workshop, Chy is working with ASOH to elevate her now strong and commanding voice to share resources with her peers and empower them to embrace ASOH as a portal to connect with the general public and other agencies to find mentors, gainful employment, therapy and wellness services, parenting skills, and attain educational goals.

Chy has paid it forward more than any other recipient (pandemic and all) and she always serves with empathy, kindness, joy and an open-heart. Chy’s work ethic, grace, humility, humanitarianism and great sense of decency reflects the ASOH core values.


When Felicia reached out to let us know she had been accepted to Columbia Law School, it occurred to us that she really embodies all that ASOH is about. This is Felicia after her home creation in 2019.

We first met Felicia in ASOH’s earliest days. It was in 2015 when she was moving into off-campus accommodations near USC, where she was studying for her bachelor’s degree in American Studies & Ethnicity. Felicia was so very softly spoken. She had secured a room in a large house and had no furniture whatsoever. We created a sense of home for her by providing a full and fabulous bedroom with a cozy bed, desk, large wardrobe and all the essentials. We were so surprised when she soon after came to pay-it-forward. She had been so very shy, and it takes courage to reach out and ask to volunteer, show up and work hard, then do it over and over again. Her voice grew and grew with each home creation. She then graduated, took a job in San Diego and earned a Fulbright Scholarship working in Mexico City, then accepted an internship in the Bay Area before returning to Los Angeles in 2019, when we created a home for her. That space became her base to work from full-time while preparing for her law school entrance exams – and she secured her number one dream school! Felicia never stopped volunteering or paying-it-forward with ASOH. And has not stopped referring young women to ASOH. Like her sister Alexys. Felicia captures the ripple effect of ASOH, and her grace, humility, humanitarianism, and great sense of decency reflects the ASOH core values that we hold so dear. We are so proud of Felicia and the fact that she has shared her journey with us.

Felicia’s desire to become a lawyer is so she can advocate for youth in the juvenile justice system and foster care system, while shaping new policy to create criminal justice reform and foster care reform. She seeks justice, equality and peace for all.


Johna is a prophet. She began volunteering for ASOH when she was homeless. She learned of ASOH when her friend’s home was created. After that first day of volunteering to support her friend, she never stopped taking many buses to join us, volunteer and create homes for peers, even though she herself was homeless. We created Johna’s home seen here and as you can see, she was surrounded by so many young people that she had supported when they first had their homes created.

Johna has continued to pay it forward, pandemic and all. While homeless she founded the now very successful film festival for youth Real to Reel Global. Johna is a talented filmmaker who is making her own short films while working at Lionsgate and studying psychology. Johna is working with ASOH to elevate her talents in poetry and rap to ensure the youth we serve get connected to ongoing resources and services to help achieve their goals.

Johna can be seen performing her spoken word at the 2019 ASOH gala. We are sure that all in attendance agree she was the highlight of the evening. And here is another interview where Johna’s unique beautiful spirit shines through.

Johna displays the ASOH core values of joy, kindness, empathy, respect, gratitude and grace when working and simply being in the company of others. Johna is a wise, insightful and natural born leader. She appreciated that she was blessed with gifts to serve and make the world a better place. While she has overcome so much, she always looks back to learn and heal and show others a different way forward. We are so honored and humbled to be on Johna’s journey with her and here to support and champion her.


ASOH met Marcy in 2018, when we had the opportunity to create a home for her and her loving family. During this time, she was skeptical of us as she shared that hardships and life adversity had led her to find it difficult to believe there were people in the world wanting to be kind and helpful to others. The life changing experience led the devoted mother to continue to pay it forward. Marcy has since built a reputation for herself as being a pillar in her community, where she dedicates her time to help other former foster youth find the resources they need. Her community work and advocacy has inspired the likes of prominent figures, such as Justin Bieber, who went out of his way to meet Marcy and invited her to share her story in the music video of his hit song Intentions. Marcy went on to join the amazing team at La La Land Cafe as their Youth Director, in their efforts to hire and mentor foster youth and normalize kindness. She’ll be spearheading their eight week training program, which offers aged-out foster youth part-time employment to enter into management with the company, or offers assistance in landing their dream job.

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A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first-ever homes for youth aging out of foster care with donated furniture and home goods. 50% of those struggling with homelessness are former foster youth. The homeless crisis can only end through prevention.

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