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A Sense of Home offers one-of-a-kind team building experiences.

Sponsor a Home on Location as a Team Building Experience

This most powerful team building experience is a deeply immersive opportunity that takes only 90 minutes. Your group gathers at the homes of recipients, where they will beautifully install, decorate, and stage the beneficiary’s first ever permanent living space. Bearing witness to the priceless reaction during the reveal is a life changing experience for all involved. Not only does it afford a “home” and an immeasurable amount of love and hope to the recipient, it offsets the cost of the home creation. Everybody wins. Watch

Sponsor a home with a $8,000 donation.

Bonus Add-On: Send a team to design a home at the ASOH warehouse!

This add-on opportunity allows you and your team to personally custom and design the recipient home from scratch. Ahead of the home visit, you and your team are welcome to enter into the ASOH warehouse to select every item and piece of furniture that will be placed into your recipient home. This is a fun activity that allows you to put on your creative hats on while challenging you to work as a team and ensure the recipient feels the space was crafted specially by your team with the utmost love and care.

Bonus add-on included with additional $4,000 donation.

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Corporate Social Responsibility at Your Place of Work

This activity allows your group to create kits that will go into ASOH recipient homes. Prepare welcome home baskets and kits for ASOH recipients. The kits and baskets are designed to serve a specific function or to make a specific room functional. For example cooking kits ensure a fully functional kitchen and yummy cooking. You can suggest your employees donate items for the kits and/ or your company can provide the items.

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A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first-ever homes and a community for youth aging out of foster care.

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