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Home is Everything

For each of us, home is the center of our world. It is where we design and manifest our future. Being at “home” is a feeling that makes us feel like we belong in the world. It is a predictable and secure place. It is where we manage our emotional and physical well-being. It is our centering place to build and grow healthy relationships, where we orientate ourselves, maintain order, organize our lives and improve our productivity as employees 
and students.

So too, for aged-out foster youth once they receive their sense of home. It is a place where they can make plans for birthdays, holiday gatherings, and family dinners. It is a wellspring of inspiration to grow their confidence, to go out into the world, and work to improve their life.

The Barriers to Furnishing a Home

  • The average American child is completely financially dependent on their 
 parents until age 26. More than 50% of a parent’s financial support to their
 child is spent on housing.
  • To fully furnish a one-bedroom apartment and equip it with all basic
 items for functionality costs a minimum of $10,000.
 (Ikea prices without appliances)
  • After an average of seven relocations in the system, a former foster youth
 may secure a Section 8 apartment, but only have the means to sleep, eat,
 and study on the floor and keep their belongings in garbage bags.

A Sense of Home provides deserving young adults with homes in just 90 minutes, giving them a foundation of which they can thrive from.

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Family in an unfurnished home
Happy Family with fully furnished home
Family in an unfurnished home
Happy Family with fully furnished home
Family in an unfurnished home
Happy Family with fully furnished home

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Crowdsourced from local businesses and individual donors, more than 200 pre-screened and high-quality household goods (otherwise destined for landfills) have been repurposed and installed in homes, allowing ASOH to create a custom-tailored home environment designed specifically to align with each recipient’s taste and style.

Home is a Gateway to Success - A Sense of Home