How It Works

ASOH partners with LA County and DCFS to advance Permanent Supportive Housing. ASOH is the only partner agency with DCFS that refers former foster youth for vouchers and the only agency that DCFS turns to create homes for former foster youth. ASOH secures housing vouchers for former foster youth and once TAY youth receive the keys to their apartment, ASOH turns their empty space into functioning and inspired homes. ASOH connects TAY youth to additional services within our expansive Resource Network and supports them in onboarding to these programs. Resource Network opportunities include financial literacy training, educational scholarships, therapy, trauma informed healing, referrals for job placement, and job training.

ASOH welcomes recipients to pay it forward in supporting their peers in having their homes created. The Pay it Forward Alumna (PIFA) Community enjoys special events where they gather to learn about additional resources, receive custom gifts and wishes, and most importantly connect to the community. Pay it Forward Alumna are invited to become Peer Mentors. They too receive their own mentors and the cycle of support continues as each individual flourishes.

The Sustainable Model

Win Win Win Win for Society

The ASOH model addresses two major social crises: homelessness and the environment. We match excess consumer goods with those in need through a seamless process that adds value to every participant, at every step.

Reduce Landfills

Volunteers and participants gain improved well-being and productivity

An Aged-out foster youth gains a sense of home and a sustainable tenancy

Reduction in homelessness

Items Installed in Each Home


Three Seater Sofa (1)
Club Chair (1-2)
Ottomans (1-2)
Two Seater Sofa (1)
Side Tables (2-4)
Coffee Table (1)
Console Table (1)
Desk & Chair (1)
Bookcase (1)
Area Rug (1)
Throw Pillows with Covers (4-6)
Wall Art (4-6)
Table Lamps (2)
Dining Table for Four (1)
Dining Chairs (4)


Tongs (1)
Whisk (1)
Spatula (1)
Ladle (1)
Turner (1)
Wooden Spoon (1)
Pasta Fork (1)
Can Opener (1)
Cutting Knives Set (1)
Baking Dish (1)
Tupperware Set (1)
Pots & Pans (2 each)
Forks/Knives/Spoons (6 of each)
Cereal Bowls (6)
Dinner Plates (6)
Peeler (1)
Strainer (1)
Measuring Spoon Set (1)
Measuring Cup Set (1)
Cheese Grater (1)
Drinking Glasses (6)
Coffee Cups (6)
Utensil Drawer Holder (1)
Frozen Organic Meals
Unprocessed Foods
Cleaning Set


Refrigerator (1)
Stove (1)
Microwave (1)
Toaster Oven (1)
Blender (1)
Coffee Maker (1)
Fan (2)
Flatscreen TV (1)


Queen Bed Frame (1)
Queen Mattress (1)
Dresser/Storage Shelf/Armoire (1)
Nightstands (2)
Additional Seating (1) if space permits
Area Rug (1)
Table Lamp (with shade, harp, finials) (2)
Wall Art (4)
Throw Blanket (1)
Throw Pillows with Covers (5)
Queen Sheet Set (fitted & flat) (1)
Duvet/Comforter (1)
Duvet Cover (1)
Standard Size Pillows (4)
Standard Size Pillowcases (4)


Patio furniture


Bathmat (1)
Shower Curtain (1)
Shower Curtain Hook Set (1)
Shower Curtain Rod (1)
Bath Towels (3)
Hand Towels (4)
Waste Basket (1)
Toilet Paper Roll (1)
Soap Holder (1)
Hygiene Products


Twin or Full Bed (1)
Twin or Full Mattress (1)
Dresser (1)
Bookcase (1)
Nightstands (2)
Table Lamps (2)
Desk & Chair/Kids’ Table & Chairs (1)
Area Rug (1)
Toy Box (1)
Twin or Full Sheet Set (fitted and flat) (2)
Duvet (1)
Duvet Cover (1)
Standard Size Pillows (2)
Standard Size Pillowcases (2)
Kids’ clothing, shoes, toys, books, puzzles, games & school supplies


Crib/Toddler Bed (1)
Crib/Toddler Mattress (1)
Crib/Toddler Sheet (1)
Crib/Toddler Pillow (1)
Crib/Toddler Blanket (1)
Car Seat (1)
Pack and Play (1)
Stroller (1)
Baby Hygiene Products


Artwork (12-14)
HOME Sign (1)
LOVE Sign (1)
Small Wall Art (4)
Monstera Leaf (1)
White Lily Leaf (1)
Clear Vases (varying sizes) (4)
Colored Vases (varying sizes) (4)
Artificial Potted Plants (1)
Artificial Potted Succulent Set (1)
Set of Décor Bowls (1)
Curtains (single color)
Curtain Rods (8)
Candle Holders


Wholesome Frozen Meals by Performance Kitchen
PPE masks
Cozy & relaxed clothing by Bleusalt
Tool Kit to hang art and maintain home
Cleaning supplies

How we create a home in 90 minutes

A behind the scenes look at how we do it.

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A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first-ever homes and a community for youth aging out of foster care.

How It Works - A Sense of Home