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Sponsor a Home Onsite

This once-in-a-lifetime experience allows you and your group of friends to enter and meet at the homes of recipients, beautifully decorate and stage their living spaces and see their priceless reactions through an in-person reveal in only 90 minutes. Not only does it afford a “home” and an immeasurable amount of love and hope to the recipient, but a life changing experience for all involved, while offsetting the cost of the home creation for ASOH. Watch

The Home Creation Sponsorship is available through a $7,000 donation.

Sponsor a Warehouse Home Creation

From décor to room staging, this entire process is completed from the safety of our warehouse in only 90 minutes. This team-building experience packs all the love, human kindness and results that ASOH is known to deliver. Once the home is staged and completed, recipients arrive and are greeted by you and our ASOH staff at our circle of love before seeing the beautiful reveal of their new home layout. This activity is a great experience for you and your team to build rapport with each other while impacting lives and improving community wellness. Watch

The Warehouse Home Creation Sponsorship is available through a $6,000 donation.

Gather at Your Campus and Bring Joy to Many Homes

In lieu of making a $7k donation, a great option to sponsor a home creation and participate with your team of volunteers, is to gather numerous items to create kits to go into many homes. This option allows volunteers to create kits for the bathroom, or kitchen, and help create multiple new homes while affording your team the chance to enjoy the team building experience of creating a home.

Sponsor either 25-kitchen kits or 60-bathroom kits that will contribute to numerous homes.

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A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first-ever homes for youth aging out of foster care with donated furniture and home goods. 50% of those struggling with homelessness are former foster youth. The homeless crisis can only end through prevention.

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