Who We Serve

Who We Serve

A Sense of Home creates first-ever homes and a community for former foster youth.

  • Most ASOH participants are between 18-24 years old (41% are working, 24% are in school, 17% are working and in school, 13% are the primary caregiver)
  • 97% are BIPOC (31% are Latinx, 54% are Black, 4% are Asian, and 3% are Native American/Alaskan native)
  • 10% identify as LGBTQIA+
  • 87% are young women
  • 54% have children or are the guardians of their younger sibling(s), over 90% of those who have children are single mothers
  • The majority are from central and South L.A.

Supporting Mothers and Children

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

  • 87% of those ASOH serves are young women and 54% have children of their own.
  • ASOH provides all essential items to ensure children of recipients with open cases have everything they need to comply with DCFS guidelines.
  • ASOH provides kids and babies with clothes, shoes, books, toys, school supplies and more.
  • ASOH connects both mothers and their children to ongoing services.

ASOH does not have an age limit.

ASOH supports any former foster youth in creating their first-ever home. Harnessing beautifully donated furniture and home goods, volunteers create inspiring homes in only 90 minutes. ASOH introduces recipients to a community of care and access to ongoing resources. Alumni achieve a sustainable tenancy, dignity, self-worth & a foundation from which they can thrive.

Applicants must be working or going to school (or a combination of work and school) for at least 30 hours per week. Should an applicant not qualify we will refer the individual to programs to ensure they do meet our requirements.

When an applicant does not yet have a home, we help them secure housing vouchers through county programs and/ or introduce them to a budding that is specifically accepting ASOH recipients.

The Home Creation

ASOH strives to create a physical home that is the embodiment of the dreams and unique personality of each recipient (and their family) to transform their experience of scarcity to one of comfort and care. Empty walls, floors, and rooms, once unlivable, are transformed into fully-furnished, functional, and beautiful homes in less than two hours by a team of volunteers.

Unique and Innovative Supportive Services

All Alumni of ASOH are invited to  pay-it-forward , empowering individual creativity and collective creativity that fosters an environment that serves to Illuminate and help others actualize their potential.

  • Ongoing Resource Navigation for Alumni to support their stability
  • Access to Individual Therapy and Wellbeing Programs
  • Pay-It-Forward Alumni (PIFA) Program- provides peer to peer mentorship and a supportive community
  • ASOH Scholarship Program
  • Financial Literacy Trainings
  • Empowerment Workshops
  • Annual Events for Alumni and PIFA
  • No “aging-out” of services
  • Resources for Parents

Coming Soon

Alumni Ambassador Program. An opportunity for PIFA to develop leadership skills, participate in advocacy opportunities and represent ASOH in the community.

Get Involved

A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first-ever homes and a community for youth aging out of foster care.

Who We Serve - A Sense of Home