What is the #DesignerChallenge?

Kelly Wearstler launched the #DesignerChallenge for ASOH. Once a month a revered designer creates a home for an aged-out youth with ASOH. Read about it here in the LA Times.

Honorary Chair for the #DesignerChallenge is Mary Ta of MASS & Minotti

How it Works

  • It’s easy
  • Set aside slightly damaged items in your inventory (or from your brand partner or client’s retired furniture) for a 1 or 2 bedroom apt (we provide a succinct check list).
  • Create your own team or we will provide a team to create a sense of home for a young person in need.


  • Schedule a home creation on a Friday or Saturday at 11 am
  • Set aside only two hours for the day of
  • In 90 minutes our seamless process will ensure a home is created with your vision and your choice of furnishings.

That’s it. A life forever changed.Yousr too. You will never forget this day.

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Watch how simple and inspiring it is by view this video of the Kelly Wearstler home creation
Designer Challenge - A Sense of Home