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Because of you, 550 homes have been created and 1,500 young people have a bed to sleep in tonight. Given recent events, your contributions were far bigger and even more meaningful than any of us could have ever anticipated.

The need for a sense of home has never been more paramount. We have all become deeply aware that home is our safe haven. Home is everything. As we imagine families sleeping and eating on floors until we resume operations, our collective hearts break. We continue to onboard young people in need of a sense of home. Our waitlist is growing at an alarming rate.

Help us create 50 homes for former foster youth and their children. Please DONATE HERE


Create a video and show off your DIY style.

Showcase an item that you have repurposed to create a cool new home good or piece of furniture. Then, donate your item to ASOH to be placed in future home creations.

  1. Post to your social channels, challenge a friend, and tag
    @asenseofhomeorg #RepurposeChallenge
  2. Make a small or large pledge to donate to ensure we scale the model across the country and make our ASOH app available to the worst hit by COVID-19. Please DONATE HERE.



Kit Creations

With family at home, prepare welcome baskets, kits, and art that will go into homes as soon as the emergency passes.

Download Checklist

(coming soon)

ASOH’s #SaferAtHome Booklet

ASOH has created a downloadable curriculum for parents to work with their kids during the #SaferAtHome period. It includes activities and discussions around the importance of home, belonging and community.

Virtual Love Jar

All volunteers at our ASOH home creations write notes that go into the love jar for each recipient. During the #SaferAtHome period, we invite participants to write inspiring notes to go into future love jars. We will print out and place the notes in love jars in the homes we create once the emergency passes.

  • Post on your social channels and tag
  • Please also think about making a donation HERE

Sponsor a Home

With a $6k donation, you can sponsor a new home creation for a deserving young adult. Share why you are sponsoring a home, and what items you will be taking from your own home to go into the home you sponsor.

  • Post to your social channels, tag
    with your pledge to Sponsor a Home, and challenge a friend to do the same.
  • Our waitlist is growing at an alarming rate. Help us create 50 homes for former foster youth and their children. DONATE HERE

Create Art for Future Home Creations

Express your artistic side and create art to go into future home creations!

  • Post on your creation social media, challenge a friend, and tag

Give a Gift of Home

Find something that has given you a wonderful feeling of what home means to you. Then wrap and gift to someone who will soon receive a home creation and include a note explaining how meaningful it is to you.

  • To encourage others, we welcome you to post your gift and note to social media, and challenge a friend to do the same! Don’t forget to tag #ThePowerofHome

At this time of immense hardship we share and understand the challenges…

of these uncertain times and we all begin to appreciate home in ways we never have.

Once the emergency passes, and it will, ASOH will be facing unprecedented demand.

As we are all spending time at home – now more than ever before – we realize how important it is to have all the furnishings that we are blessed with. Unfortunately, the same is not true for foster youth who age out of the system every day. Right now, A Sense of Home has a ballooning waitlist of youth who need a bed to sleep in, a dining table to eat from, a fridge to store food in and a desk to study on.

Our waitlist for Home Creations is growing daily with former foster youth who are confined to homes without the most basic essentials of leading a healthy lifestyle. We’ve created more than 500 homes in the last five years and have never had such a high demand for our service as we do now. It costs us $6,000 to create each home.

Make a donation, in any amount, today to help us create at least 50 new homes for the youth who are counting on the support of their community to give themselves (and their own children) a fair shot at the life that lies ahead for them.

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