• Georgie Smith & Melissa Goddard perform a random act of kindness that spawned a movement creating homes for youth who aging out of foster care
  • Smith & Goddard register ASOH as a 501c 3
  • ASOH begins operating as a pilot program under a fiscal sponsor
  • ASOH receives its first-ever donation and with it, a truck is purchased
  • A donated warehouse allows furniture donations to be stored
  • First employees are hired
  • In October ASOH’s founding board is established and meets


  • ASOH receives its 501c 3 status
  • 100th home is created
  • All major agencies & judges in LA begin referring youth to ASOH
  • Founder honored as Top 10 CNN Hero
  • 2nd truck is donated



  • 300th home is created
  • Now creating more than 110 homes per year
  • Designer Kelly Wearstler launches #Designer Challenge
  • First COO is hired. Internal audit and strategic plan for scale is completed.
  • Snap Inc. sponsors 30 home creations / year




  • Begin using the ASOH App
  • Shift into post-pandemic planning
  • Return to onsite Home Creations
  • 2 NYC-based organizations approach the org to operate ASOH in NYC
  • Second ever gala
  • 800th home created


  • A full year of implementing the ASOH App
  • Identify partner organization to expand to NYC
  • Hire first-ever Executive Director to run LA Chapter
  • 3rd ever Gala
  • 900th home created
  • Pilot the ASOH Scholarship
  • Pilot ASOH Financial Literacy Training
  • 3 annual Alumni events/ year
  • Expand access to Therapy and Wellbeing Programs


  • Double the size of the operations space in LA
  • Set up HQ to oversee scaling
  • Expand Peer to Peer Mentorships Program (previously known as PIFA)
  • Introduce Community Mentorship Program
  • Monthly Life Skill Workshops
  • Expand Job Training & Career Access Programs

How We Began

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A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first-ever homes for youth aging out of foster care with donated furniture and home goods. 50% of those struggling with homelessness are former foster youth. The homeless crisis can only end through prevention.

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