Our Story


  • Georgie Smith and Melissa Goddard answer a call for help from a foster youth who aged-out of foster care by creating a “home”
  • September 2014 ASOH is formed


  • Goddard and Smith are joined by co-founder AJ Vernet
  • A board and 501(c)(3) status is established
  • A truck is purchased and warehouse space is donated
  • First employees are hired


  • All major agencies & judges in LA begin referring youth to ASOH
  • Top 10 CNN heroes
  • A second truck is donated
  • 100th home is created


  • Snapchat sponsors 2-4 homes/month – sending volunteer teams for each
  • National brands establish partnerships
  • A third truck is donated
  • 200th home is created


  • ASOH begins creating more than 110 homes / year
  • Designer Kelly Wearstler launches #Designer Challenge
  • Top Selling band The Script dedicates “Arms Open” to ASOH
  • 300th home is created
  • 1st COO hired. Internal audit & strategic plan for scale completed

Our Board of Directors

Our Advisory Board


Our Story - A Sense of Home