Activate Your Team

Galvanize your colleagues and/ or community to make a huge impact. By focusing on the most needed items at ASOH you can do a call to action to collect these items.You will change countless lives by contributing to the 330+ item “home kit” that is assembled to make each Home Creation possible.

The need for a sense of home has never been more paramount. We have all become deeply aware that home is our safe haven. Home is everything. As we imagine families sleeping and eating on floors, our waitlist is growing at an alarming rate. Please DONATE HERE so that we can continue to create homes for former foster youth and their children.

Create Essential Kits for Homes

Individuals and Small Groups

Gather a team and assemble at your place of work, school, or community center while ASOH provides a fully furnished home designed for the important essential furniture items, such as sofas, beds, and dining tables that turn an empty space into a home, ASOH also provides the essentials for each room — so that each room functions optimally. The kinds of items you would typically find in cupboards. The items that our beneficiaries can cook with, eat with, set a table with, and all the items in the bathroom to keep them hygienic. For every child in a home, ASOH provides much needed baby supplies, clothing, shoes, books, school supplies, toys, games, and puzzles. Click here to find each list for each room. Click here for all of the kits that you can make for kids and babies.

If interested, please contact us at

Start a High School Club

We greatly appreciate your passion for A Sense of Home, and for sharing that passion with the children and students in your life.

High Schools are the ideal place to establish empathy and generosity as a core value – we have all the information you’ll need on starting your own ASOH club and inviting your peers to join in changing other people’s lives for the better.

Review your High School Club Guide here and contact to get started!

1 Kid to Another

For every child in a home ASOH provides much needed baby supplies, clothing, shoes, books, school supplies, toys, games, and puzzles . Please gather all the kids you know to create kits for a peer. You can find all the checklists and details here.

Book Drive

Individuals And Small Groups

ASOH is in need of culturally diverse books to create libraries of love in each home.

To host a book drive, you can collect books from your community or you can create your own online campaign. Please refer to our Love Library for the young adults we serve here. And for the kids we serve please see the Love Library  book list here

The Amazon book list for young adults can be found here. The Amazon book list for kids is here. When you do purchase any of these books, we ask that you also purchase one for ASOH and have it sent directly to our warehouse at 3457 West El Segundo Blvd., Unit A, Hawthorne, CA 90250.

Contact us at

Mindfulness & Wellness Volunteers


Help give the gift of serenity. We are looking for volunteers to share their gifts and talents in dance, yoga and/or meditation – offering free zoom classes for ASOH beneficiaries and their children.

If interested, please contact us at

Host a Donation Drive

Individuals and Small Groups

Donors of furniture and home goods serve as the starting point for everything ASOH; our entire inventory comes from individuals and businesses who donate home furnishings and supplies.

Interested in hosting a donation drive? Learn More.

To get started, email

Create Art for Homes or Host an Art Exhibit

Individuals and Small Groups

Create and sell art, donating a portion of the proceeds to ASOH – much like Gianna Vargas and her “Shelter at Home” exhibit, that can be viewed here.

If you’re interested in creating art or hosting an exhibit, please contact us at

Writing & Translation Volunteers


A Sense of Home is seeking Alternate Text Writers and Media Document Translators to volunteer their services. Join us and help create a lasting impact.

If interested, please contact us at


Have groceries and food items delivered and provide recipes and cooking videos to accompany the ingredients/grocery items, ensuring these young, vulnerable individuals feel seen, heard, understood, empowered…and connected.

Get Involved

A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first-ever homes and a community for youth aging out of foster care.

Team Activation - A Sense of Home