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After five years, and the transformation of thousands of lives within the greater Los Angeles area, the homeless prevention model, created by A Sense of Home, is now available to serve any vulnerable population, through any organization.

ASOH will license its first of a kind model to existing nonprofits, anywhere in the world, serving displaced and/or homeless individuals, to ensure greater success for the individuals served and the organization as a whole. Additionally, ASOH plans to establish chapters identical to that of the LA chapter in other US cities.

Young Adults and Children Served

Homes Created


Donated Items Installed

500,000 People Served

Year 1: 10 NGOs licensing the model + 3 ASOH chapters = 540+ homes created

Year 2: 50 NGOs licensing the model + 6 ASOH chapters = 1,980+ homes created

Year 3: 100 NGOs licensing the model + 10 ASOH chapters = 3,800+ homes created

Year 4: 200 NGOs licensing the model + 15 ASOH chapters = 7,200+ homes created

Year 5: 500 NGOs licensing the model + 25 ASOH chapters = 17,000+ homes created

Resulting in: 100,000+ individuals served, by 400,000+ volunteers, and 31,000+ homes created.

These numbers are based on very conservative projections of each chapter creating a minimum of 80 homes/year, each NGO creating a minimum of 30 homes/year, a minimum of 14 volunteers participating in each home creation (the process allows up to 25) and a minimum of 2.75 persons per home.

Chapter vs Licensee

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A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first-ever homes for youth aging out of foster care with donated furniture and home goods. 50% of those struggling with homelessness are former foster youth. The homeless crisis can only end through prevention.

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