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The homeless prevention model, created by A Sense of Home, is now available to serve any vulnerable population, through any organization.

ASOH will license its first of a kind model to existing nonprofits, anywhere in the world, serving displaced and/or homeless individuals, to ensure greater success for the individuals served and the organization as a whole. Additionally, ASOH plans to establish chapters identical to that of the LA chapter in other US cities.

Every home needs some very basic pieces to make it adequately habitable. Without basic furniture tenancy failure is inevitable. When a home is designed for the specific occupant the tenant exceeds their goals in work, education and health. And hence heightens the likelihood of breaking the cycle of poverty, lack of education and poor health.

Unused bedroom, dining room and living furniture is plentifully available in the city, yet it often ends up in landfills or sold at-loss by businesses. This environmental and financial waste can instead be repurposed providing relief for retailers and a new shot at life for those in need.

We appreciate that there are many underserved communities in regions worldwide who could benefit from our custom, cloud-based software, which would allow an organization to implement the complete ASOH Home Creation model with volunteer management, inventory control, recipient management, in-kind donor management, and more. For licensing inquiries please email

We are excited to offer our knowledge and experience to organizations and government entities who understand that furniture poverty is a significant crisis when there ought to be none. Furniture poverty impedes an individual’s (or family’s) ability to properly inhabit and function in their shelter undermining their health and productivity in work and school. Furniture poverty leads to homelessness or a return to homelessness, and significantly contributes to poor outcomes in education, career, and health.

Empirical evidence in environmental psychology has found that an inhabitant thrives and flourishes in their home when the home reflects their personality and aspirations. The ASOH model not only provides the basic necessities for an individual to improve their life, but by creating a total home environment transforms and inspires the occupant to surpass their goals.

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A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first-ever homes and a community for youth aging out of foster care.

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