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A disruptor nonprofit born of the shared economy that harness the excess capacity business model to prevent homelessness, and reduce landfills.

Of the estimated 500,000 young people in the foster care system, approximately 10% are “aging-out” each year at age 18-21, fending for themselves.

30% of those struggling with homelessness are former foster youth. 70% of girls aging-out have children of their own. The next generation is at greatest risk of going into foster care.


“Difficulties furnishing a tenancy can be a cause of tenancy failure.”


“Providing help with furniture and furnishings is a very basic form of homelessness prevention.”

If ASOH can create homes for 75% of the youth aging out of foster care, we could reduce the overall homelessness population by up to 25%.

The Odds are Stacked Against Foster Youth

The population at greatest risk for becoming homeless are youths who age out of foster care each year when they turn 18, when the average American young adult is dependent on their parent(s) until age 26.

Let's Change These Statistics!


of girls who age out of the foster care system will become pregnant before the age of 21.


is the unemployment rate of youth aging out of the foster care system.


of the prison population was in the foster care system at one point.


of aged-out foster youth are clinically diagnosed with PTSD – a higher rate than any other population.

The Cost to Society = $8 Billion

Change is closer than you realize.



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